The Holder


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harsh lies
blank stares
is it this all i know
it intercepts my patience
and grips my heart
have to kick down the kingdom
put fear in them
power that plagues the vacant
and many have
got their hardwired pace in
not letting up

that i know
if it takes my life

there's no shift awakening revolution
it's a self in waiting
an illusion
hardwired all embracing
not anymore
i'm a be invasive
rip through your skull
that i know
i need this i need this

stand aside
in latent time
i gain silence
tame the wire
then i set the fader higher
tune in lower bluish cast her
reel it inner
blast it out her
find the holder
chew my power
bent you stay asleep until the nausea hits

oh that's not life
if it takes my life it takes my life
does it make sense
can't rationalize

you cling to her behind a wall
the spear to flame can teach you
the ones cut off
beyond the herd can reach you
you make the way
you break the fall
you risk it all
say fuck it all
say fuck it all
say fuck it all
and take

i'm on earth
that i wonder
in the dark i will gain
i will grow out
see through the dark
no sense
the illusion
no sense
no sense
no sense


from no self helps, released September 15, 2016



all rights reserved


Kill Alters New York

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