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no self helps


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Sensory 04:39
start it now start it right this time oh that's when i didn't follow when they sound like ditty dah ditty dah if you see my pictures at all big live figures came right through my door big man seek her said here baby doll you'll become weaker take off your clothes get faded in touched my veins a medicinal psyche blur then a halt eyes gloss a tentacle cling i reach for safety hushed words get lit from the sting dissolves what's tactile must get her must pick up the pace more sickened displaced from it me sitting in a vegetated state raw filter blurred frame cause they know they know they know they knew exactly what they wanted and they hid from me they know they know they know they just take take take take take they owned me now she got mental visions mental visions sensory the beast the curse high visions dead space you call it what you wish it I become that fate see if that works your mental escape oh well it doesn't matter you'll bring on that hate sensory sensory sensory sensory
Ego Swim 03:31
i'm a be your hell when you fend me off i come shutting it off in you the fearing don't see their true end fill dead lakes ego swim then fall back into the faux flow trance i don't fear i don't flinch was benign in you ripped the shell of you infliction then kisses yea infliction then kisses and the tail light sees her when i want i see her any chance i see her where he walks i see her where i was part of you circles defeated covered in shit too and in the feedings our limbs spun off couldn't out run you then but now i'm running into you
The Holder 05:47
harsh lies blank stares is it this all i know it intercepts my patience and grips my heart have to kick down the kingdom put fear in them power that plagues the vacant and many have got their hardwired pace in not letting up that i know if it takes my life there's no shift awakening revolution it's a self in waiting an illusion hardwired all embracing not anymore i'm a be invasive rip through your skull that i know i need this i need this stand aside in latent time i gain silence tame the wire then i set the fader higher tune in lower bluish cast her reel it inner blast it out her find the holder chew my power bent you stay asleep until the nausea hits oh that's not life if it takes my life it takes my life does it make sense can't rationalize you cling to her behind a wall the spear to flame can teach you mechanical the ones cut off beyond the herd can reach you you make the way you break the fall you risk it all continue say fuck it all say fuck it all say fuck it all and take i'm on earth that i wonder in the dark i will gain i will grow out see through the dark hardwired amnesia no sense the illusion no sense no sense no sense
LaLaLa Part4 00:23
eyes that reveal eyes within eyes that reveal eyes within eyes that reveal eyes within eyes that reveal eyes that refigure retrace life you're in the dark only fail yourself cold light is hitting you hard and it takes over let it take over can't defend the lost while their heads are dead can't depend on gods its still life no end i feel i shrill like a birdy calling the gills below me fixed upon less the shield can hold me real life is a killer killer it doesn't feed my spirit the ones in tune i feel it mind set upon clouded visions been through this before done with that seek for the power and seek we are the power


For Barry Crimmins

the ep is 33:05 exactly

music video for Sensory

music video for Ego Swim

the idea of kill alters was birthed from when bonnie got hold of cassette tapes from her mother's self documentation throughout her life starting in the mid 70's into the 90's. while digging through these tapes baxter soon found more information and gained more access to memories of when she was 4 yrs old.

The Kill Alters Archives


released September 15, 2016

Bonnie Baxter - vocals, drum machines, electronics
Hisham A. Bharoocha - live drums, electronics
Nicos Kennedy - laptop, electronics

Artwork by Hisham A. Bharoocha

*drums tracked by Eli Crews elicrews.com/wp/ at Figure 8 Studios figure8recording.com

mixed & mastered by David Little
*in loving memory of Cassie

*special shout out & thank you to Matt Kilmer & Pablo Lopez


all rights reserved



Kill Alters New York


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